"Lead, Kindly Light": Trusting God in the Midst of a Pandemic

One of the most important turning points in John Henry Newman's life involved contracting an illness (probably typhoid fever) while on a trip to Sicily in 1833. Newman was accompanied on the trip by his best friend, Hurrell Froude, and Froude's father, Robert. After visiting Sicily, Naples, and Rome, Hurrell and his father began the return trek hom...
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Window into the Heart of a Saint: A Review of Michael Collins's Newman: A Short Biography

​Newman: A Short Biography By Michael Collins Dublin: Messenger Publications, 2019. 96 pages. Paperback: €9.95, £8.95. ISBN: 9781788121057 Fr. Michael Collins, a priest of the Archdiocese of Dublin and graduate of University College of Dublin, which developed from John Henry Newman's Catholic University, has composed an excellent short introduction...
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Newman's Visit to Rome in 1833: Part II

Part I: Background (Fr. Elamparayil is a graduate from The Catholic University of America, and his dissertation is: "John Henry Newman's Lectures on the Prophetical Office of the Church: A Contextual History and Ecclesiological Analysis.") Part 2. Letters Home In a letter to his mother, Newman not only described how the Mediterranean was the seat o...
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Review: Paraclete Essentials Releases Edition of Newman's "Meditations and Devotions"

In a letter from 1863 to his sister Jemima, John Henry Newman remarked that "a man's life lies in his letters." Equally revealing, perhaps—at least in Newman's case—are the prayers that he composed and recited. While Newman's extensive correspondence with friends and family provide a fascinating glimpse into his closest earthly relationships, his d...
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Saints are Sometimes Literary Men: A Reflection on the Announcement of Newman's Canonization

The news finally arrived today. Ever since it was announced in February that Newman would be canonized, we've been waiting eagerly to learn the details of when and how the ceremony would take place. Now we know: Pope Francis will officially declare Newman a saint at a Mass in Rome on the morning of October 13th. This date is appropriate, because it...
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