2020 Spring Newman Symposium Recap: Newman on Doctrinal Corruption. Presented by Dr. Matthew Levering.

Our annual Spring Symposium was a little different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The day before the event, due to travel restrictions for our speakers, we had to quickly move the Symposium to an online format. Despite the last-minute scramble to make the appropriate shifts to the new format, the Symposium was a success, and the NINS staff...
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Education as Total Reality: Luigi Giussani and Newman on Education

"The place where the educational process unfolds must be a place where all of reality is presented" (Giussani, The Risk of Education, 133). This statement from Luigi Giussani stands as an apt summation of John Henry Newman's argument that a university is a place that teaches universal knowledge. Both men, who spent much of their lives in education,...
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Comparing Newman and Giussani – The Presence of the Educator

While they lived in different centuries, different nations, and in vastly different geo-political situations, Newman and Giussani shared a common interest in resolving the challenges of living the Christian life presented by a world that was growing increasingly secular and irreligious. They both challenged hollowed out conceptions of what it meant...
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