NINS Visiting Scholars Program: Call for Applications

The National Institute for Newman Studies is presently accepting applications for 2019 research projects as part of our Visiting Scholars Program. Alongside accommodations during your stay, we also offer a generous grant and review for publication in the Newman Studies Journal. Topics for research may include anything related to the life and writings of Blessed John Henry Newman, or treatment of theological questions raised by his work but addressed by other theologians. Below is a rundown of research projects from scholars who stayed at NINS during 2018:

NINS welcomed six visiting scholars to Pittsburgh this past year (2018) for extended research stays. In March, Dr. Grant Kaplan, Associate Professor of Theology at Saint Louis University, visited NINS to conduct research on the confluence between the writings of John Henry Newman and the Catholic Tübingen theologians, especially Newman's contemporary, Johannes Kuhn. Specifically, Dr. Kaplan examined their respective writings on the relationship between faith and reason.

In July, Dr. José Gabriel Rodríguez Pazos of Centro Universitario Villanueva utilized his time at NINS to complete an introduction to his recent translation of Newman's Via Media, Vol. 2, into Spanish. We are excited to see this completed work in print in the near future. Dr. Pazos's time overlapped with that of Dr. David Delio, Chair of the Theology Department at the University of Holy Cross, New Orleans. Dr. Delio's research was focused on how John Henry Newman's thought on faith in education, through the cultivation of the intellect, could reemerge in the modern multiversity. This topic is of practical import to Dr. Delio, who is presently involved in creative discussions about developing educational initiatives that integrate faith and knowledge and advance Christian culture.

The summer rounded out with visits from Eric Lafferty, the Ryan Newman Scholar in Theology at Duquesne University; Stephen Lawson, a doctoral candidate at Saint Louis University; and Adam Uttria, who is finishing up a dissertation on Newman under the direction of Dr. Reinhard Hütter at the Catholic University of America. Mr.Lafferty wrote an article on the related, but divergent, approaches to the tangled issue of church-state relations proposed by Newman and Hugues-Félicitié Robert de Lamennais. Mr. Lawson juxtaposed the conversions of Newman and Erik Peterson (1890–1960) to allow for a consideration of the developing Christian theological responses to the rise of historical consciousness. Finally, Mr. Urrutia composed a piece, which suggested that Newman's theology of faith can aid in the interpretation of Vatican II's teaching on the nature of faith, especially by contrasting faith with doubt and private judgment and by emphasizing the need for faith to submit to a living apostolic authority, namely, the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

We would like to thank all of our 2018 Visiting Scholars for participating in NINS's research program, which continues to empower original, high quality research on the theology and enduring legacy of Blessed John Henry Newman. 

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