NINS Vaccination Policy

Since NINS has resumed many of its normal operations that were suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to delineate its policy regarding Staff, Guests, and Visitors to the Gailliot Center for Newman Studies (211 N. Dithridge Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213), effective June 2021 forward.

As a private, non-profit entity, NINS hereby adopts the following policies: 
Generally speaking, Staff, Visitors, and Guests must be fully vaccinated—for a period of no less than two weeks—in order to utilize the Gailliot Center for Newman Studies.
  • Proof of vaccination will be requested by the NINS Staff.
  • Staff, Visitors, and Guests of the Institute who have provided proof of vaccination may utilize the shared space of the Institute without wearing a mask and having to adhere to strict social-distancing guidelines.
  • If a Visitor to or Guest of the Institute has not yet obtained the vaccine, she/he may request an exemption from the policy as stated above that will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If an exemption is granted, the Visitor or Guest must wear a mask in the shared spaces of the Institute and maintain social distancing. Failure to observe these stipulations will lead to a conversation with the Director of NINS or another designated Staff member. If a resolution cannot be achieved, the Visitor or Guest might be asked to leave the Institute by the Director or another designated Staff member.
  • In order for Visiting Scholars to carry out research-in-residence at the Institute, proof of vaccination will be required as part of the preliminary paperwork. Generally speaking, if a Visiting Scholar has not yet obtained the vaccine, she/he will be unable to carry out a research stay until vaccinated.
  • Vendor technicians and other contracted labor are exempt from the proof of vaccination requirement as stated above, but will be required to wear masks and maintain social distance while carrying out their work at the Institute. If a Vendor/Technician prefers to work without a mask, she/he must present proof of vaccination to the NINS Staff.
  • NINS will adhere to guidelines and regulations authored by the CDC and US Department of State regarding international travelers and any restrictions upon them. Such guidelines and regulations might supersede the NINS Vaccination Policy as stated above, especially in the event that a prospective Guest or Visitor has obtained a vaccine of limited efficacy or might be arriving from a country with a dangerous variant of COVID-19.

This policy has been crafted in consideration of the health and safety of those who might be unable to receive the vaccine, family members with compromised immune systems, and dependent children who might be too young to receive the vaccine at this time.

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