"The Fire which Makes Gold Shine": On Benefiting from Calamity

 This article does not take a firm stance on the question of whether the COVID-19 pandemic should be seen as a chastisement sent by God. If we were to follow John Henry Newman's lead, we would certainly have to remain open to that idea. In the Grammar of Assent, for instance, Newman contrasts orthodox Christian faith with "natural religion," t...
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"Lead, Kindly Light": Trusting God in the Midst of a Pandemic

One of the most important turning points in John Henry Newman's life involved contracting an illness (probably typhoid fever) while on a trip to Sicily in 1833. Newman was accompanied on the trip by his best friend, Hurrell Froude, and Froude's father, Robert. After visiting Sicily, Naples, and Rome, Hurrell and his father began the return trek hom...
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