2019: A Year to Remember

2019 was a year to remember for the NINS team. Please allow us to share some highlights from our exciting year: Newman was canonized! On 13 October 2019 John Henry Newman was officially recognized as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. The NINS team attended all of the official events associated with the canonization. The celebrations began the e...
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A Chapel, a Desk, and One Man's Saintly Witness - Reflections on the Canonization of John Henry Newman

As someone who has studied John Henry Newman's writings for years, it was surreal for me to attend his canonization in Rome. I've known for some time now that Newman was interceding for me and my loved ones in heaven, but to have a tangible confirmation of that fact was moving beyond words. The entire experience profoundly reinforced for me the rea...
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Saints are Sometimes Literary Men: A Reflection on the Announcement of Newman's Canonization

The news finally arrived today. Ever since it was announced in February that Newman would be canonized, we've been waiting eagerly to learn the details of when and how the ceremony would take place. Now we know: Pope Francis will officially declare Newman a saint at a Mass in Rome on the morning of October 13th. This date is appropriate, because it...
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Newman's Quest for God: Living the Light of Truth

 A bit of a confession: there may have been some dancing in the offices of the National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS) this morning. This is not a common occurrence at the Institute, but today was a special day, as news reached us from Rome that Pope Francis has approved the canonization of John Henry Newman. For a few months now, the sta...
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Neither Death Nor Life: The Story of One Woman’s Trust in God

As news is now reaching us that the Vatican has reportedly approved a second miracle toward the canonization of John Henry Newman, it's worth reflecting on the process that brought us to this point. For several years now, the Pittsburgh Oratorians have been praying that Newman would be raised to the dignity of the altar. When the Oratorians first i...
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